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U.S. Patents 6,348,646 & 7,476,791

Tony Parker [Newtown, PA] Tony Parker is a singer/songwriter, and inventor of the world's first Titanium Acoustic Guitar Strings (U.S. Patent 6,348,646).

Tony's recordings combine his finger-style titanium six-string guitar with a melodic piano/keyboard style - uniquely his own. His most recent CD, We Need Love, is a collection of original soft-rock songs written, performed, and recorded by Tony; co-produced with Calen Bruce & Dave Mariasy; and available at cdbaby and iTunes. Tony's other productions include Tony Parker, a collection of original songs and recordings featuring the world's first Titanium Acoustic Guitar Strings, The Bill Jenkins Trio: Jazz 1969, Christmas Toledo, My Titanium Six, Seven Over Four, and A Song for Every Season.

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